Sebastian Masuda

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"Colorful Rebellion -Seventh Nightmare-" New York

Kianga Ellis Projects , NewYork
February.28 2014 to March.29 2014

” I have created this work as if I was writing my own autobiography. Struggling in this confined space of confession, I battle with the waves of darkness washing up against me in a night without end. I am not trying to express the grotesque through kawaii elements; rather, the essence of kawaii exists in the process by which individuals are attracted to, and become dependent on, kawaii things. The process by which young girls become adults is full of twists and contortions, potentially resulting in a colorful mutiny. That I have created a safe haven for disobedience perhaps is my most cardinal sin.
This installation only has six zones. The seventh? It’s entrusted in your hands.
The phrase, Colorful Rebellion, explores the possibility of inciting a revolution using the power of color, in opposition to the modern world as represented by shades of black, grey and camouflage. It originated as a title to a series of two-dimensional panels with three-dimensional motifs embedded into the surface, and represented panoramic scenes from the Harajuku neighborhood of Tokyo as well as the mental imagery of a young girl. However, for my first solo exhibition in New York, I have decided to create a self-portrait as a form, and emblematic, of Colorful Rebellion. The subtitle, Seventh Nightmare, references the Seven Deadly Sins, reflecting upon the various mortal sins I have committed, or to which I have fallen prey, throughout my life thus far.”
Sebastian Masuda

photography by GION